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Service Approach

Chemo Dynamics provides high-level and quality services to customers using a consistent service approach. The steps in the service delivery include:

  • Step 1: Identifying customer’s goals and objectives
  • Step 2: Articulating the scope of the project and allowing for customers’ adjustments or clarifications
  • Step 3: Execute appropriate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to ensure IP protection (CDA/NDA and MOU)
  • Step 4: Identifying appropriate research/platform from which to execute a project. Typically Chemo Dynamics utilizes information from:
    • Scifinder
    • literature
    • patents
    • from a structure
    • notebook procedure
  • Step 5: Undertaking appropriate analytical procedures and quality control at each phase of the project execution
  • Step 6: Delivering product to customer and allowing for review and adjustments
Services Description

We offer research, analytical services, and small quantity manufacturing to pharmaceutical companies during drug discovery, testing, and clinical trial periods.

Contract Research Organization
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Process Chemistry
What Chemo Dynamics can offer?