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NEWSLETTER- January 19th, 2015
3 Crossman Road South, Sayreville, NJ 08872  (732) 721-4700, [email protected]


For more than half a century, Chemo Dynamics has been the power behind the scenes for many pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies. We are a US-based CRO/CMO with a network of manufacturing relationships globally. Our research knowledge and reputation for producing excellent quality products with efficient and fast turnaround times span over five decades. We focus on doing chemistry. Chemo Dynamics has created a few blockbuster IPs for virtual clients. Our key areas of expertise include diabetic care, oncology, metabolic, cardiovascular, eye treatment (glaucoma), and Alzheimer’s and obesity. We are committed to the success of our clients.

We are a focused organization that understands that rapid turnaround time and high-quality products are important to our customers. While some vendors specialize in particular areas of chemistry, we focus on doing chemistry.

We are eager to become part of your outsource team, providing Custom Synthesis and Process Development while minimizing your time to market. Our people adhere to the highest scientific and ethical standards with the goal of providing the finest customer service in the industry.



Every day that a drug is delayed from going to market can cost a pharmaceutical company $1 million in sales.


In today’s highly competitive environment, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are increasingly leveraging their internal assets via external outsourcing of intermediates, combinatorial building blocks, reference standards, and even research projects.


3 Crossman Road South, Sayreville, NJ 08872 | (732) 721-4700 |