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ChemHub is a CMO and CRO-dedicated company that focuses on small and commercial-scale production of pheromones, fine chemicals, fragrances, and flavors. Since its inception, ChemHub has constantly been redefining various chemistry solutions utilizing chiral chemistry for the fine chemical industries. By concentrating on the ethos of reinvention, redefinition, and rediscovery, ChemHub aims to provide path-breaking solutions to clients. The company offers four different services – custom synthesis, process development, analytical support, and chiral chemistry while employing them in production campaigns for three main areas of Flavor & Fragrances, Pheromones, and Specialty chemicals. ChemHub has excellent experience in customized chiral chemistry solutions and the production of complex and high-value chemicals in a critically differentiated manner using enabling process technologies.

ChemHub Chiral Chemistry 

Although phenomenal research has been done at the academic level concerning chiral chemistry, its application has been challenging on a commercial scale. ChemHub has tried to break this loop by engaging our decades of scale-up experience with chiral chemistry in a revolutionary yet cost-effective manner knowing that chiral chemistry is an indispensable tool for producing optically active molecules. Likewise, chiral chemistry’s role in maximizing safety and efficacy is magnanimous and unavoidable as the usage of chiral molecules is reduced significantly as the other non-active chiral molecules will not be required. The sensitive nature of chiral resolutions and asymmetric chiral synthesis in conjunction with their significance in essential areas of drug development makes it imperative to choose a responsible and trustworthy, and competent company like ChemHub. The GOOD MANUFACTURING policies of the company are complemented with the values of integrity, reliability, and innovation means that Pharma and chemical sectors can depend on ChemHub for the best solutions at a reasonable cost. ChemHub has accomplished multiple projects involving the process for the separation of racemic compounds into their enantiomers and diastereomers within the realm of stereochemistry. Simultaneously, the asymmetric chiral synthesis that ChemHub has developed using both organometallic catalysts and enzymes as biocatalysts fosters an efficient and effective route in API development and waste minimization.

ChemHub has implemented an innovative process for the separation of racemic compounds into their enantiomers and diastereomers within the realm of stereochemistry. ChemHub’s chiral solutions open broader perspectives for the challenges confronting chemists to produce effective and simple solutions.

ChemHub possesses versatile and extensive experience with chiral catalysts and works with a significant number of enzymes. Some of the strongholds of ChemHub include

  • Asymmetric Organometallic catalyst to stereospecific enantiomer or diastereomer
  • Asymmetric material using enzymes – bio-catalysis
  • Resolution and separation of stereoisomers

Why Choose ChemHub’s Chiral Chemistry: A Crisp Overview

Premised on a robust foundation of competent technical experts, ChemHub develops and scales up a diverse range of chiral synthesis solutions for the benefit of its customers. The company strives to provide its clientele within the chemical industry to have an optimal and economic route characterized by purity and efficacy. ChemHub has the necessary training and mindset to develop high-quality chiral synthesis to generate complex chiral molecules at a reasonable cost. As a result, the company is equipped to dispense an array of chiral scaffolds to their customers from various segments of the chemical industry. ChemHub’s ingenious technical prowess coupled with immaculate process understanding and collective experience means that the needs of even the most complex chemistry requirements are adequately met.

ChemHub’s team has the capability and extensive knowledge of chiral chemistry and experience with chiral molecules. As a result, they are adept at helping customers choose optimal processes and achieve a product that caters to particular requirements suiting their budget. Through their multi-faceted chiral capabilities, ChemHub helps their esteemed clients achieve a product to their satisfaction. Thus, ChemHub helps customers to obtain the products with the desired qualities through a wide assortment of chiral competencies and abilities.

What Makes ChemHub’s Chiral Chemistry Special?

  • Cutting-edge Collaboration – ChemHub’s chiral chemistry solutions reach their culmination through intensive collaborations with academic and technical institutions to ensure that their client receives the best of both worlds – academic efficiency and commercial applicability.
  • Diversity – One of the biggest strengths of ChemHub is its versatility in terms of chiral chemistry services. In addition to asymmetric reduction, kinetic resolution, and stereoselective epoxidation, the company also deals in the conventional separation of stereoisomers, green chemistry by use of biocatalysts, and so forth.
  • Holistic and simplistic Prowess – What makes ChemHub stand alone from others is its all and ever-encompassing experience in complex chemistry, process design, and optimization. They add value to their chiral chemistry services by augmenting all-around benefits while on the endless learning curve to understand more.

Advantages of Opting for ChemHub

Some of the veritable advantages of opting for ChemHub as your chiral chemistry partner are

  • Listen to our clients and discuss
  • Strict quality control
  • Quality identification of synthetic products
  • Premium-quality chiral-related synthetic services
  • Top-notch and complex molecules
  • Years of experience in chiral chemistry to meet the specific needs of clients
  • Provision of comprehensive and well-thought-out services

Top Five Key Differentiators of ChemHub

  1. Genuine Scientific Collaboration – ChemHub prides itself on having a collaborative and straightforward way of working. They strive to transform the traditional perceptions of CMO and CRO-focused companies by adhering to the ethos of service, science, and passion.
  2. Excellent Operations – Being located in New Jersey, the chemical hub of the US, ChemHub’s facilities are meticulously designed to adapt to the needs of chemist sectors. Equipped with state-of-the-art GLR and SS equipment, the chiral chemistry solutions of ChemHub operate under GMP and GMP-like conditions.
  3. Competent Team – The team of ChemHub is committed to putting their customers’ products first and delivering superior services and manufacturing solutions.
  4. Revolutionary Process Technologies- The continuous innovation and breakthroughs of ChemHub are what sets it a class apart from the rest. ChemHub relentlessly tries to expand its capabilities around a wide assortment of emerging and enabling technologies to maximize the value of services for its esteemed clientele by delivering critically differentiated products.
  5. Ethics of Care – The ethos of ChemHub is such that the entire team diligently tries to provide the highest standards of safety, sustainability, quality, and compliance to their customers.

Concluding Thoughts 

Since its inception, ChemHub has successfully pioneered the domain of chiral chemistry. Moreover, it has also synthesized more than 10000 compounds, particularly in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The company also maintains vital strategic relationships with several research and manufacturing partners for raw material control, quality control, process control, and so forth. The many achievements of ChemHub in the domains of custom synthesis, process development, and high-quality product delivery make it a crucial and recognizable player in the CRO and CMO world. Thus, ChemHub has been at the forefront of revolutionizing chiral chemistry through innovative, groundbreaking, and novel trajectories. ChemHub promises its clients quality products, competitive pricing, superior service, and IP protection.