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Chemical Name CAS No. Structure M.W. Compound Id
l-alanyl-d-glutamine–benzyl ester hydrochloride 343.81 CD-216
1-(2-Benzyloxycarbonylaminopropionyl)pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid 79707-47-4 320.34 CD-204
L-Alanyl-D-glutamamide–benzyl ester Hydrochloride 343.81 CD-216
-Chloroalanine methyl ester 9360-22-8 174.03 CD-160 B
D-Glutamamide-g -benzyl ester 18800-75-4 272.73 CD-160 A
N-Cbz-S-[(2-Benzyloxy-5-nitro)phenyl]-L-cysteine 112346-82-4 496.53 CD-160 A